All About Bingo

Finding a new bingo room

When choosing your online bingo room, you will notice that there are many web sites that offer many different types of online bingo. It is important that you will find an online bingo site which will meet your online requirements. Finding your online bingo room might be a little bit harder and trickier than you might think. First of all, it is very important that you feel comfortable and at ease in your bingo room. Secondly, you need to pay attention to which bingo site you wish to sign up with. Unfortunately, there are some bingo web sites that are ... Read more »

Latest trends in Bingo

Bingo is defined as a game of chance and it has been a popular game ever since the 16th century. Bingo is once again a popular game due to its introduction on the internet. About six to eight years ago, online bingo was just like its land-based counterpart. It was no more than a few numbers appearing on your computer screen from time to time and some buttons to click. Nowadays, online bingo is becoming a popular online game not only for the older people, but for the younger generation as well. Even if several of today’s most successful online ... Read more »

Finding friends and love

Bingo has been played by many people around the world for many years. Today, we can also play online bingo by using the internet. Most people of today prefer playing online bingo due to the fact that they simply do not have enough time to spend in the casino and/or in the bingo gaming halls. They are just too busy doing other things like work and spending quality time with their families. There are some who cannot go to bingo halls because of other reasons such as health problems or their house is just too far away from a bingo ... Read more »

Who plays bingo

Before the introduction of online bingo, most people have had the tendency to associate the bingo game with crowds of elderly ladies at their local bingo gaming hall. Bingo is a very old game and is considered by many to be gentle and very easy to play. Bingo is regarded as one of the most inexpensive past-time games for elderly people. It is also a game wherein one can meet new friends who share the same love for the game. In the past, our very first impression about a bingo gaming hall is a place where elderly women play their ... Read more »

Why do we play online bingo?

For several hundreds of years the world has known the game of bingo. The game has throughout the years been adapted to fit many different types of people no matter if the player is young / old, male / female, rich / poor etc. Bingo as a game continues to deliver excitement, friendships and fun. Millions has become fans of the game that we today call bingo, but even more millions of people are now at the present day being introduced to bingo because of the online bingo media. There is no doubt that this trend will create even more ... Read more »

How to win

You will find a lot of different strategies that explains how to win by playing online bingo and other games. Just by following a simple system you will win more. Below, you will be able to find one of these strategies that will make you an online bingo winner. Online Bingo Strategy Maybe you think that winning in online bingo is purely based on luck? Quite contrary to the belief that most people have you will find methods to improve your odds making you are winner more often and more regular. Many people have carried out years of research in ... Read more »

Bingo for beginners

To play online bingo is very easy but when you first get started it might seem quite overwhelming to get used to different softwares and some of the functions that may be new for people that never have played online bingo before. In this article you will find a bingo guide for beginners which describe the whole journey from choosing an online bingo room to actually play there. 1) Choose a bingo room. 2) Register. 3) Make a deposit. 4) Start playing. 5) Log in. 1) Choose a bingo room. To choose an online bingo room might be a bit ... Read more »

How to play 75 ball bingo

The 75 ball bingo is played with several others and the purpose of the game is to match the numbers on a bingo card with the numbers that are being called out. A bingo card is built like a 5X5 matrix. The cards are unique for every player. The numbers on a bingo card contains numbers that are placed randomly from 1 to 75. The numbers to match in 75 ball bingo can be put in a pattern to create a variant to the typical game where all 5X5 numbers needs to be matched. The number balls are pulled from ... Read more »

Online Bingo Tips & Tricks

Online bingo is primarily good entertainment but you can also play online bingo for the simple reason of winning money. In this article you can find tips to help you improve your chances of winning and how to get the best experience when you play online bingo. Select games with few participants. When you play online bingo is a good idea to choose games with as few participants as possible. The more crowded a bingo room is, the more players are trying to win. This means that the chances of you winning are much smaller. Play at times when you ... Read more »

Online Bingo Rules

People sometimes think that bingo is just for old ladies with curlers in their hair - they couldn't be more wrong. Bingo and online bingo is really fun and I have often sat in front of the screen yelling a particular number when it was the last one I needed. recommends that you choose one of the online bingo rooms on our front page. How to play online bingo: Bingo is very easy to learn and the game will run on "auto", however learning a little about how online bingo rooms work will help you immensely. First, choose a ... Read more »

Getting Help

Nobody said it was easy. Wait, actually it is. But if you have questions you want answers to, there are always opportunities to get help. You might not like the term "Call Centre", but most online bingo rooms have invested large sums in establishing truly efficient customer service centres, where you can get answers to questions and have any technical problems resolved. However, contacting a customer service centre should in principle be the last resort, after you've tried to find out what you are doing wrong. If you can't play bingo after joining a room, try the usual steps:- - ... Read more »

Understanding bingo bonus

My mother always told me that nothing in life is free and what sounds too good to be true usually is. That does not necessarily apply to online bingo bonuses, but you should always be aware of the terms and conditions of playing. The terms and conditions of the various bonus deals available in different online bingo rooms are fair and straightforward - they are not trying to rip players off. The free sign up bonus is usually given as soon as you have created your account. The first deposit bonus is usually given soon after your first deposit. It ... Read more »

Getting started with online bingo

Before you can play at an online bingo room you must create an account. It may sound obvious, but the reason is simple - the bingo room needs a few of your details so they can pay you when you win. Whichever online bingo room you choose, creating an account is easy. However, some online bingo rooms have a very easy sign-up process. All you have to enter is your name, postal address, email, phone and a password. It is important to remember the login details that you register when you create a bingo account. One good advice is to ... Read more »

A Brief History of Bingo

From Italy... The roots of Bingo as we know it began as Italy's national lottery (Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia) when the country was unified in 1530. The Italians have played and enjoyed bingo for nearly 500 years. In recent years, the annual turnover has exceeded US$75 million. In the earliest versions of bingo, the cards were divided into three rows and nine columns each row having four blank squares and five containing a number. Numbers between 1 and 10 were placed in the first column, numbers between 11 and 20 in the second and so on. Each player had ... Read more »

How to play 90-number Bingo

Bingo is a game of numbers that involves striking numbers from a card that are randomly drawn and called out to the players. When all the numbers are called from the players card the bingo game is won. The traditional 90 number bingo game has a card that has three rows and nine columns. Five squares in each row contain numbers from 1 to 90 and the others are blank. Generally, the game consists of three attempts; the single line, two lines and the full house where all the numbers are called on the card. The lines play across the ... Read more »