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To play online bingo is very easy but when you first get started it might seem quite overwhelming to get used to different softwares and some of the functions that may be new for people that never have played online bingo before. In this article you will find a bingo guide for beginners which describe the whole journey from choosing an online bingo room to actually play there.

1) Choose a bingo room.
2) Register.
3) Make a deposit.
4) Start playing.
5) Log in.

1) Choose a bingo room.
To choose an online bingo room might be a bit scary. Today there are more than 500 bingo sites worldwide and of these 140 in the UK alone.

We know that science constantly improves the internet and is creating a lot of new opportunities for development of new bingo sites. We are taking it one step further and evaluate each operator. Our rating is based on a combination of criteria’s such as the quality of the web site and the online bingo sign up process. How user friendly is it to register and to deposit money. How secure is their cashier system. Is the quality of the customer support acceptable? Are there any good campaigns? Is it possible to win? We also consider if there are elements of fun in the game and on the online bingo site. We also evaluate the gaming environment. In this we put the sounds, pictures, animations etc. that you will experience during your game of online bingo.

So please feel free to surf around our website and see if you can find one or more bingo rooms that fit your needs.
You can start by looking at our online bingo overview that you will find in the reviews section. This has been designed specifically to give you a good and fast overview. Only the most relevant information is given here, information about free money, signup bonus, software etc. If you wish to read a full review this is also possible by clicking on the Review link.

2. Register.

In order to play bingo online you need to register an account with an online bingo site. Every bingo site has its own registrations process but most of them are almost identical. It’s usually very straight forward to complete. Below you will find a step by step guide.

Step 1: Find and click the button saying “Join now”, “Sign up”, “register” – this will be very clear.

Step 2: Make sure that the URL in your browser shows “https:” or that the web site contains the following message “All information’s given on this site will be send through a secure SSL”. The site might show an icon formed as a pad lock. This shows that the web site is safe and no other but the bingo operator will be able to access your information.

Step 3: Fill out the form. You will need to have an email. Make sure to keep your username, alias and password stored in a safe place. We recommend you to memorize your details so no one can find it.

Step 4: When the form has been completed you need to click the button Send or Continue.

Step 5: You will now be presented to a site where you can change your profile, deposit money, check your account status and other things. This might vary from one online bingo site to another.

3. Deposit money.

Many online bingo rooms will offer you to play for free and give you free money. This means that you can test the site for free to see if it’s something for you. In theory this money will only give you a very limited entertainment and for this reason it is necessary to deposit your own money if you want the best online bingo entertainment possible.

You can find a button saying “cashier” and click it. The first choice you must make is which payment method you should use to make your deposit. Most often, the easiest way is to deposit with a credit card. If you have a VISA or MasterCard you can register your details and make it very easy for yourself to deposit money.

The bingo sites we recommend here are all very safe and trust-worthy. You do not need to worry about giving them your credit card details. Your credit card details will not be abused.

4. Start playing.

When you have money on your account you can start playing. In many places you will find different bingo rooms offering different types of bingo. Take a close look on what you can win and how much to pay for a bingo card. Based on this information, you can make the decision which online bingo hall fits you best to play in. The price for a bingo card and the number of active players in a room usually has a lot to say in determining how much it’s possible to win. Lots of players usually means bigger prizes while fewer players mean you will win more often but smaller amounts.

While you play bingo online you can also take advantage of playing some of the side games many online bingo sites will offer you. This is good entertainment if you for instance think that the bingo game is moving ahead too slow. It’s normal that you can have several windows open at the same time and play several games.

5. Log in.

When you have finished playing bingo, remember to log off. This is especially important if you are playing on a computer that other people also have access to.

When you wish to login and play again, you must remember the username and password that you registered when you created your bingo account. Most bingo sites are using a case sensitive login systems which will sense if you have created a username and password containing upper and lower case. This means that you will have to replicate the exact symbols when you login. Most operators will send you an email containing your login details once your bingo account has been created.
If you have forgotten your password you will often see a button or link saying “forgot password”. Click this one and follow the instructions. This will explain to you how you can retrieve your lost password or how to have the old one reset and get a new one. Usually, the system will send you an email with your password but sometimes you will need to involve the support service and have them help you. You can contact support in different ways, usually by email, phone or live chat.