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Before you can play at an online bingo room you must create an account. It may sound obvious, but the reason is simple - the bingo room needs a few of your details so they can pay you when you win. Whichever online bingo room you choose, creating an account is easy. However, some online bingo rooms have a very easy sign-up process. All you have to enter is your name, postal address, email, phone and a password.

It is important to remember the login details that you register when you create a bingo account. One good advice is to choose a password that means something to you but will be hard for others to guess (so don't use your middle name or date of birth!). Of course, if you forget it, all good bingo rooms give you free assistance to recover it or choose a new one.

The most important part of creating an account is choosing your username or an alias. This is the name that will be shown to other users when you log in to play. The best thing is to use a nickname, especially because there is usually a limit on the number of characters you can use.

Choosing a bingo room to play in can be tricky. However, this site is a good place to start as we test all the rooms offered on the site before we recommend them.

Some of the rooms let you play online bingo directly in your browser (that's the program you're using right now to read this article), and others ask you to download a "client", which is simply a separate program that connects you to the online bingo room.

Either way is fine - using a separate client sometimes means you get more features and options, whereas playing in your browser means you don't have to install anything new on your computer.