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People sometimes think that bingo is just for old ladies with curlers in their hair - they couldn't be more wrong. Bingo and online bingo is really fun and I have often sat in front of the screen yelling a particular number when it was the last one I needed. recommends that you choose one of the online bingo rooms on our front page.

How to play online bingo:

Bingo is very easy to learn and the game will run on "auto", however learning a little about how online bingo rooms work will help you immensely.

First, choose a bingo hall or bingo room as they are also known as. In each hall or in each room, there are different games. There tends to be on the door of the bingo software, which room you are entering in. Therefore, one can usually choose between:

Practice Bingo room:

Here you can practice for free, but you cannot usually chat with other players. This room is convenient to visit if you want to practice "bleeping" (ticking) your numbers and you can get a feel for how fast the balls are drawn.

Main Bingo Hall:

This is where you play online bingo for real money. You can also chat with other players in the Main Bingo hall and play the poker machines and slot machines, while you play bingo. You'll also find Time jackpots in the Main Bingo Hall. It is usually the room you spend the most time in.

Tournament Hall:

Most bingo halls are running various tournaments, with greater or lesser gains. In this room you can earn big money, but there are also more players in here so you may also risk not winning at all.

Payment and purchase of online bingo game boards:

Once you've chosen your bingo room, you must go to the cashier and put money in your account. Only then can you buy playing card / game sheets. You can also buy cards for future games, so you do not need to buy shortly after the end of each game. Watch for packages when they are offered. Here you can buy for packages with cards for a much lower price. These packages are offered most often when the time jackpot is at stake.

Options you should know about:


The arguably most important feature throughout the bingo game. You may decide to cross your numbers, but I often think it is easy to lose track, particularly if you have disabled sound. Auto-daub crosses the numbers for you, which of course makes it all a little easier. Many bingo sites also shout "Bingo" for you, but beaware that on some sites there is a big red button that you must press to shout "Bingo". You will also be told which numbers you need so you just need to press the button when you see your last number called.

Choose a Caller:

Most online bingo halls let you choose the caller's voice. Men tend to choose a female voice and vice versa! Also, you can choose what background music you want to hear, if any.

Choose your Daub shape and colour:

You can often choose the colour and shape of the marks you make to tick off your numbers. Red hearts, blue footballs, the choice is yours!

Auto sort your cards:

If you buy many cards for a game, you may not be able to see them all on the screen at once. With auto-sort, the card that is closest to winning is always visible.

Time Jackpot:

Most places have a big jackpot every hour. This requires that you get Bingo within a specified number of called numbers to win.


This is the pattern of numbers that you must tick to get bingo. It can be seen on your play sheets, the boxes are darker than the others, and there is always a picture of the pattern shown to you.

A little advice is to keep track of how many players are online for each game. In some bingo halls the prize pool depends on how many players are playing. Therefore, it is good advice to buy only a few cards, if there are few players, and buy several sheets if there are more players. Similarly, it is good advice to buy many extra sheets or play packages for the hourly jackpot. In tournaments where there are greater gains at stake, it is obviously also a good idea to buy several sheets at a time.

Bingo is not a quick game - sometimes a game can take a while. Be sure always to buy your sheets prior to future games, so you do not miss a game if you're doing something else in the meantime.

Once you've learned to play bingo online, most online bingo halls offer other games that you can play at the same time, typically video poker or slot machines. These games run in a small window next to your bingo cards. Please note that there are other requirements to play these games.

If you're ready to play online bingo, then visit one of the rooms we recommend on the front page, which you can play safely and securely. Here you will find plenty of opportunities to play online bingo.

We wish you luck with your online bingo games.