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You will find a lot of different strategies that explains how to win by playing online bingo and other games. Just by following a simple system you will win more. Below, you will be able to find one of these strategies that will make you an online bingo winner.

Online Bingo Strategy

Maybe you think that winning in online bingo is purely based on luck? Quite contrary to the belief that most people have you will find methods to improve your odds making you are winner more often and more regular. Many people have carried out years of research in this field of how to win in online bingo. They have given some good tips on how you will improve your game strategy and your online bingo game. The mathematical analyst Joseph E. Granville who made himself famous as being the man behind the creation of several successful stock market strategies has also touched the field of online bingo. He has used his great mind and analytical skills to look at online bingo. Granville’s techniques are so simple and easy to use that everyone can take advantage of them. He has developed easy step by step techniques for you to follow and the result will be odds in your favor.

There are lots of aspects of the online bingo game that most players are not aware of before they start playing. If you changes the way you play you can also change the chance of winning and win bigger and more prizes.
- Did you know that every game follows a certain pattern and there exist thousands of these? By looking at these and by using them when buying tickets you can increase your probability of winning.
- There is a clear connection between the winning bingo numbers and the main overview of numbers. Have you ever considered your way of choosing bingo tickets before you buy them?

Some games do not give you the opportunity to choose your own card but then there is other ways for you to increase you chance of winning in this situation.
- Most bingo players wish to play more bingo cards to increase their chance of winning. Granville has proven that you can improve your winning probabilities by playing fewer cards in many cases.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at what options will make you a serious systematic winner in bingo. You have to believe you can do this. If you only try to do it halfhearted you will not reach the goals you have set. Forget all about trusting only luck – and let’s move on down the road of winning. The key to beating the given odds lies in your understanding of the word “Random”. All the non-believers are claiming that there is no way to influence or predict the way the numbers are coming out of a bingo machine. We will give you a few tips that have proven useful and will chance the way you think about it.

We know for sure that there are a certain number of balls in the machine and we assume that all balls come out with a random distributed probability. So the probability of getting any ball out of the machine in the first draw is the same. If the balls come out of the machine randomly you can say that there are three things that have a good chance to occur:
- There will be an equal amount of numbers ending with 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.
- Odd and even numbers will appear equally as often.
- High and low numbers will appear equally as often.
These are three normal and well accepted tests to explain the phenomenon of “randomness”. If the distribution of numbers does not pass this test, we will say there is a bias and that the distribution is not random.

We can then add a fourth test for randomness which is best described in the book of LHC Tippet called Sampling. When a sample grows in size it will show a result that gets closer and closer to the actual mean value of the population. For bingo this means that the combined group of numbers in a bingo set is the population. The mean value for the called numbers will depend on what type of bingo you play. Is it 75 or 90 ball bingo? It will also approach the mean value expressed as half the balls in 75 and 90 ball bingo. The first small group of numbers being called should not be expected to follow this rule of having a mean value equal to half the balls. But as the game move along you will notice that the mean value approaches the half value. It is assumed that not even 1 in 10 bingo players are aware of this. So just by knowing it yourself you are far ahead. When the numbers are called the sample and the population become equal to the game. When more numbers are being called the mean value of the balls in 75 ball bingo will approach 38. Make sure to take this knowledge into consideration when you choose your bingo cards.

When you play bingo next time, try and have a good look at the numbers that are shown on the board. With very few exceptions, most balls will end on different digits. Most players are concentrating on their own bingo card that they don’t even notice this amazing pattern. Since most games only last for X amount of calls you will need to take a good look at the numbers on your cards before you buy them. The reason why this is so important goes back to the first point about calling numbers randomly from the population. You would expect there is an equal amount of numbers ending with 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

We are only interested in the first X amount of numbers being called. There has not been called enough balls to expect more than a minimum of matching numbers. A sample of 10 balls should show a pattern of 1 ball ending with 1, one ball ending with 2, one ball ending with 3 etc. This pattern will continue until most of the 10 possible numbers have been covered. This fact is based on probability. If the first called number is 21, then it is more than likely that the next call number will not end with a 1 since there are fewer balls in the machine ending with 1. The next number that is called is 46, and again the probability for pulling a 3rd ball ending with 1 or 6 smaller. The first six numbers that are called have a significant probability to end with different digits. This is up to 60% of the numbers being called, so with this knowledge you can be a great step ahead.

A clear majority of winning bingo combinations are made out of numbers on strategic squares. The only time the dead squares are involved in a winning combination is when bingo is called the “hard way” with 5 vertical or 5 horizontal numbers.

Below we have listed some of the strategies you need to know before deciding where to play online bingo.
- Consider the amount of players at each online bingo place and also the total payout.
- Look at how often the big prizes and jackpots are being paid out. How often will you have the chance to win a big online bingo jackpot?
- Choose your online bingo cards based on the theory above.
- Investigate where and when you will have the biggest chance of winning. Do not jump into the game without having a strategy. If you have some online bingo experience it will help you to find and choose the very right moment to play.
- Online bingo halls can make it more difficult for you to win the top prizes by adjusting the requirement for the amount of called numbers that you need to have bingo within to reach the big online bingo prizes. If the number of called balls has to be smaller than 40 to win a big prize, you will not have a very big chance of covering your card and win the prize. Your chances of winning would grow significantly if 48 balls was the number of calls that was required. If 60 or more balls will be called for you to cover your card, your chances of winning are getting quite big.