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Nobody said it was easy. Wait, actually it is. But if you have questions you want answers to, there are always opportunities to get help.

You might not like the term "Call Centre", but most online bingo rooms have invested large sums in establishing truly efficient customer service centres, where you can get answers to questions and have any technical problems resolved.

However, contacting a customer service centre should in principle be the last resort, after you've tried to find out what you are doing wrong.

If you can't play bingo after joining a room, try the usual steps:-

- Restart your browser
- Check you are using the right browser (some bingo rooms only work with certain browsers)
- Restart your computer
- Restart your modem
- Check your cookies

You still have problems? Most online bingo rooms have a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page which should prove useful.

Still no luck? Try the chat room of your chosen online bingo site. And only if you still can't get going, contact the customer service centre, either by phone or email.