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Bingo is defined as a game of chance and it has been a popular game ever since the 16th century. Bingo is once again a popular game due to its introduction on the internet. About six to eight years ago, online bingo was just like its land-based counterpart. It was no more than a few numbers appearing on your computer screen from time to time and some buttons to click. Nowadays, online bingo is becoming a popular online game not only for the older people, but for the younger generation as well. Even if several of today’s most successful online bingo software were already developed in 2002, it was not until the year of 2006 that online bingo started to obviously conquer the World Wide Web and thus gained the trust as well as the interest of both bingo gamers and gamblers of all ages. Due to technological advancements and other factors, online bingo is certainly finding its way to the hearts of gamers and gamblers alike. Several online bingo software developers provide the most reliable random number generators (or RNGs) available so that every bingo game is guaranteed to be absolutely random and fair. The software developers of online bingo strive to make their software interface very highly dynamic which have features such as tabbed items, many unique ways of purchasing bingo cards or tickets, online bingo buddy-to-buddy chat functions, construction of bingo variations, and much more.

Land-based bingo or offline bingo was played by many bingo players both in Europe and in the United Kingdom between the years 2000 and 2005. In 2000, the growth of land-based bingo was about 1.8 million pounds while in the year 2005, it rose up to about 2 million pounds. Even if its growth was good, this was due primarily to deregulation which permitted more bingo machines to be installed and used as well as bigger prizes were offered to players. Typically, only a few companies before have considered the possibility of online bingo being a booming industry in the future. Nevertheless, they have taken that chance and now these few companies are considered as the pioneers of the online bingo industry.

The very first company in the world to develop a commercial online bingo gambling software product was Parlay Entertainment which was established as early as 1996. Parlay’s Bingo software in its early phases included the 75-ball and the 90-ball bingo variations as well as a unique collection of casino games and other forms of lottery games. Parlay’s Bingo software was also used to power some of the industry’s most famous and successful bingo websites such as Virgin, three out of five of UK’s top online bingo sites, and the Yahoo! website. In the year 2005, declared it as the best; therefore, the software was given the Player’s Choice Award. Even if Parlay Entertainment’s main office is located in Oakville, Canada, it has taken a big step in establishing offices all over the world in order to serve more bingo players. In fact, Parlay’s success mostly came from British players who represent the majority of the online bingo industry. Parlay Entertainment’s most recent accomplishment is its mutual ventures with Microsoft. Both Parlay and Microsoft have worked together to launch MSN Bingo via the platform.

Another company which considered taking a big risk on the online bingo business in its early stages is known as St. Minver Ltd. St. Minver Ltd. is the second most famous company next to Parlay Entertainment. When St. Minver was previously known as St. Enodoc, it purchased the UK online bingo giant “Gala Interactive” in 2003. Even if St. Minver’s main office is located in Gibraltar, it has become most successful in the UK and European markets because it has established offices all over the world, just like what the Parlay Entertainment Company did. St. Minver’s software powers a number of England’s most famous bingo websites such as Park Bingo, Littlewoods Bingo, Chit Chat Bingo and England’s Yahoo! Bingo.

By the time online bingo was getting more and more popular each day and industry investors started to realize its potential, the other major companies started to develop their own bingo softwares. For instance, Cryptologic, a software developer, released its version of online bingo software in 2002 along with its special online poker software. In 2003, Playtech commenced its very first licensed online bingo operation together with Ruby Bingo, establishing the online bingo group or network known as “BingoLand”.

Nowadays, even if online bingo is still a new online game compared to casino, poker and other games, there are still several companies who strive to develop their own online bingo software. The most popular among the trustworthy bingo websites are Parlay Entertainment, St. Minver, Chartwell Technology, Playtech, Boss Media, Party Gaming, Aberrant Software and Cozy Games. Aside from those mentioned above, there are many other well-established online bingo companies which form networks (such as BingoLand) that play an important part in the ever-growing success of the online bingo industry.

Aside from the advancements and latest developments on online bingo software, one must not forget that jackpot prizes and the improvement of games are also the reasons why online bingo became very successful all over the world. Most online bingo players and enthusiasts agree that online bingo jackpot games are the most exciting games to play at because of the very high jackpot prizes they pay out. There are many various types of online bingo jackpot games which can be played either in the 75-ball bingo or in the 90-ball bingo rooms. These online bingo jackpot games are usually found in a bingo website’s games section or in their promotions page. In order for bingo players to keep updated on their online bingo website’s promotions, jackpot games and other great offers, they only have to subscribe on the site’s free weekly or monthly newsletter. This allows bingo players to get ready on those exciting upcoming events they are interested in participating at on their favorite online bingo site.

Two other reasons why online bingo became very successful is due to the introduction of bingo tournaments and the introduction of the bingo chat room. Bingo tournaments are fun due to the fact that online bingo players play against each other in order to win very incredible prizes such as bingo bonuses, free travel or real cash jackpot prizes. Most big and successful online bingo sites offer bingo tournaments for its players aside from the usual online bingo games. Aside from bingo tournaments, the introduction of the bingo chat room really boosted the number of bingo players. It has been considered as very crucial to the success of today’s online bingo industry. Since bingo is a social game, the chat room is a perfect way to keep in touch with your bingo buddies and other people who share the same love for the game. Some companies have even tried taking out the chat room in some of their bingo sites. As a result, these sites have failed. This shows that chat rooms are really very significant in the success of an online bingo site.

In today’s world, approximately 3 million individuals play land-based bingo and online bingo on a regular basis. About 90% out of these 3 million individuals are below the age of 50 and 85% of them are female. According to St. Minver Ltd., the top 3 countries with the highest number of people playing online bingo are Japan, United Kingdom and the United States (United Kingdom being considered as the fastest growing market of them all). There are still several new and state-of-the-art developments being made to further improve the industry of online bingo such as improved software, games, jackpots and many more. One of the newest trends in online bingo is known as the mobile bingo wherein you only need your mobile phone in order to play bingo anytime and anywhere you like. One thing for sure is, whatever new trends these companies may come up with, it is only clear that online bingo will still be a game for everyone, not only at the land-based bingo gaming halls, but also online.