Bet365 Bingo


  1. More than £1,000,000 to be handed out as double prizes
  2. 50% bonus on all your deposits. Not just one.
  3. Play for free games & get bingo bucks back game

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Bet365 Bingo is established by a company that originally put most of their energy into betting. Bet365 Bingo is now taking online bingo serious and offer a wide range of interesting and exiting promotions for all serious online bingo players. To start with, you get £25 just for depositing and playing (buying cards) for £5. After this you will get another 50% bonus on ALL following deposits. In other words - you get permanently 50% more entertainment for your money for as long as you play at Bet365 Bingo.

At Bet365 Bingo you will always find exiting promotions. At the moment they run a £1,000,000 bonanza promotion, where Bet365 Bingo hands out more than £1,000,000 in an 80-days period. If you win one of the Bingo Linx games at 18:00 or 22:30 GMT, you will win both the pot build up as usual with the money used to buy tickets - BUT Bet365 Bingo will also match your winnings so you get doubled your prize. It does not matter if you win on one line, two lines or cover all. Everytime your prize is doubled. On Sundays you will find a £20,000 guarenteed prize in the 22:30 game. In total £1,000,000 is handed out on online bingo at Bet365 Bingo.

In addition there is also a wide range of other campaigns that give you the chance to win without spending to much money on buying tickets. Afterall, what most of us wants is to win in Online Bingo. At Bingo Bucks Back, you will get back the money you loose - so play, loose and get money back. At penny bingo, the price for one ticket is only one penny - so its difficult to spend a lot here. Last but not least, at Bet365 bingo you also find FREE bingo. Everyday you can play for free in a game where a pot of £50 is guarenteed.

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Year Launched: 2008
Software / Network: Virtue Fushion
Support Email:
Maximum Bonus: £25
Bonus Match: 500%
Deposit: £5
Minimum Deposit: £5
No Deposit Bonus: 0

Featured Offers

Buy tickets for £5 and get £25 free

Spend only £5 on tickets and Bet365bingo will give you another £25 free. Thats not all. They will also give you 50% deposit bonus on all future deposits. So everytime you make a deposit you will have 50% more fun and you will be able to buy 50% more tickets.

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Bet365 Bingo is clearly not a 100% dedicated bingo portal. Its a site that offers a wide range of gaming alternatives. Not just Bingo. Bet365 Bingo offers Betting, Poker, Games and other things besides bingo. For this reason I am still impressed that their bingo product seems to work so well. Also the jackpots are really high. Recently a woman won £430,000 in jackpot. I hope I can win like this some day. All new players get £25 free just from depositing and playing £5 so that is a really good deal. Also at Bet365 Bingo I get cheap bingo cards. Sometimes even free. But also a lot of penny bingo they have.